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We Are A Nationally Recognized Full Service Digital Forensics Firm

Specialized in collections, investigations, and expert witness testimony in civil, criminal, wrongful death, employee misconduct, intellectual property, and fraud cases.

Our Services

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We are ACFE Certified Fraud Examiners and are experienced in the investigation, prosecution, or defense of white collar computer crimes such embezzlement, employee misconduct, contract violations, liability, and wrongful death.  We team with industry best Forensic Accountants and Investigators to follow the evidence wherever it may lead.  We can assist the client and legal team with critical interviews of suspects victims and witnesses.


Expert Testimony

Step one is, "Don't say it if it isn't true." Step two is, "Don't say what you can't defend."  Evidence that cannot be defended has no value.  Derek Ellington has given sworn testimony in hundreds of cases in all manner of court and jurisdiction from State and Federal Courts, to arbitrations and government administrative hearings and is an expert at conveying complex issues of electronic evidence in a manner that is engaging and easy to understand for clients, attorneys, judges and juries.


Digital Forensics

We are licensed and experienced Digital Forensics Investigators equipped with the industry standard best forensic tools.  We have the ability to collect, process, review, and produce large scale data stores using our own in-house secure servers.  We have to tools to retrieve critical evidence from legacy data sources, and our in-house lab and externals partners have had amazing success recovering data from intentionally and accidentally damaged electronic devices. 

Our Digital Forensics Lab uses Industry Leading technology for the secure collection, processing, and handling of sensitive electronic data.

We are adept in managing large scale data acquisitions and court-ordered seizures. Led by Derek Ellington, an ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner, Licensed Digital Forensics Investigator and multi-state Licensed Private Investigator, our team ensures all data is handled as evidence with stringent security measures to protect sensitive information, including corporate, financial, and HIPAA-protected data.  We regularly work with government affiliated companies, high value IP tech companies, pharmaceutical and medical companies, elected officials, and other sensitive high profile client cases.  All data and information is handled securely and confidentially. 


We maintain the highest standards of evidence preservation, mirroring law enforcement protocols to safeguard the integrity of our findings. Our facility also specializes in advanced audio and video enhancements and provides expert IT transition services, systems auditing, and fraud reviews.


For partnerships or inquiries about our expert speaking services, please contact us.




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