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We Are A Nationally Recognized Full Service Digital Forensics Firm

Specialized in collections, investigations, and expert witness testimony in civil, criminal, wrongful death, employee misconduct, intellectual property, and fraud cases.

Our Services

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Family Law

We expertly handle sensitive family law cases, providing critical digital evidence for custody disputes, asset divisions, and marital investigations. Our approach ensures confidentiality and precision in each investigation.


Litigation Support

We equip law firms and corporations with robust digital evidence to resolve complex legal disputes. Our services include thorough data analysis and expert testimony, essential for corporate litigation and civil cases.


Digital Forensics

Our comprehensive digital forensics services cover everything from data recovery to detailed analyses of digital devices. We address data breaches, cyberattacks, and unauthorized access, ensuring all evidence is forensically sound and legally admissible.

Our Digital Forensics lab uses AccessData and Cellebrite UFED for percise data handling in all legal scenarios.

We are adept in managing extensive data acquisitions and court-ordered seizures. Led by Derek Ellington, a Certified Fraud Examiner and Licensed Private Investigator, our team ensures all data is rigorously treated as crucial evidence with stringent security measures to protect sensitive information, including corporate, financial, and HIPAA-protected data.


We maintain the highest standards of evidence preservation, mirroring law enforcement protocols to safeguard the integrity of our findings. Our facility also specializes in advanced audio and video enhancements and provides expert IT transition services, systems auditing, and fraud reviews.


For partnerships or inquiries about our expert speaking services, please contact us.




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