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Digital Forensics

Ellington Digital Forensics offers a comprehensive suite of digital forensics services tailored for both corporate litigation and family law. Our expert team, certified in multiple forensic disciplines, employs cutting-edge technology to provide precise analysis and reliable evidence to support legal cases across diverse fields.

Why Choose Us?

We are equipped with a team of professionals who hold advanced certifications and state-specific private investigator licenses, enabling us to handle complex digital investigations with precision and legality across multiple jurisdictions.

Expert Credentials

Certified Fraud Examiner

Our examiners specialize in detecting and preventing fraud within corporate environments, providing insights that protect your interests.

Certified E-Discovery Specialist

Our specialists manage all aspects of e-discovery, ensuring efficient handling of large data volumes in compliance with legal standards.

Certified Forensic Examiner

We offer expertise in securing and analyzing electronic data, crucial for litigation matters and dispute resolution.

Licensed Private Investigator

These licenses authorize us to conduct thorough investigations across multiple states, ensuring compliance and local expertise.

  • North Carolina #910026M

  • South Carolina License #3532

  • Texas #A10519101

Strategic Planning

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Discuss your needs and the specifics of your situation to tailor our approach accordingly.


Investigation Plan

Design a comprehensive investigation plan leveraging our advanced tools and certified skills.


Evidence Handling

Adhere to strict protocols for evidence collection, preservation, and documentation to ensure its admissibility.



Deliver comprehensive reports and provide expert testimony to support your case.



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Contact Us

If you require expert digital forensics services or need advice on handling sensitive data, don't hesitate to reach out. At Ellington Digital Forensics, we are dedicated to providing you with top-tier forensic analysis and comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs.

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