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Corporate Litigation

At Ellington Digital Forensics, we offer comprehensive support for corporate litigation, providing expert services that include fraud examination, forensic analysis, and e-discovery.

Why Choose Us?

Our corporate litigation support team comprises experts certified in various forensic disciplines, capable of navigating the intricacies of corporate law. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate, reliable results, helping your legal team achieve favorable outcomes.

Expert Credentials

Certified Fraud Examiner

Our examiners specialize in detecting and preventing fraud within corporate environments, providing insights that protect your interests.

Certified E-Discovery Specialist

Our specialists manage all aspects of e-discovery, ensuring efficient handling of large data volumes in compliance with legal standards.

Certified Forensic Examiner

We offer expertise in securing and analyzing electronic data, crucial for litigation matters and dispute resolution.

Licensed Private Investigator

These licenses authorize us to conduct thorough investigations across multiple states, ensuring compliance and local expertise.

  • North Carolina #910026M

  • South Carolina License #3532

  • Texas #A10519101

Strategic Planning

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Begin with a detailed consultation to understand the specifics of your corporate litigation needs.


Investigation Plan

Develop a tailored plan that utilizes our certifications and technologies to collect and analyze pertinent data.


Evidence Handling

Maintain rigorous standards in evidence management to ensure legal admissibility.



Deliver comprehensive reports and provide expert testimony to support your case.



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Contact Us

For corporate litigation support, trust Ellington Digital Forensics. Our expertise and dedication can be pivotal in your legal strategy. Please use the form below to contact us directly for a consultation or to inquire more about our services.

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